Shrouded Beauty

There are many beautiful landscapes in Haiti; palm trees, coconuts, mango trees, greenery, misty mountains as a constant backdrop, beaches and the deep, blue ocean.  These things normally put a jump-start in my heart, a thrill and excitement.  In the past I have looked upon beautiful scenery as these from a place of rest, relaxation, comfort, and companionship with my wife.  They are things I daydream of as I am in the middle of a work week, snow storm, or the weeks following a vacation, still trying to hold on to the experience.  But in Haiti they do not hold the same weight.

The beauty is masked.

It is a strange feeling, one I have never experienced before.  I believe many of the people’s hopelessness is the shroud covering these beauties.  Though unseen, it is thick, in the air all around.  I can feel it with the glances and stares as I take a panorama view from the back of vehicles.  Never before have I felt such an overwhelming need of the Savior to a country.  I so desire to be a vessel and connection for Jesus to these people.  He is the only hope.  Deep revelation of the Son of God is the only hand able to remove this mask of despair.



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