Harvest Fields and Dreams

Yesterday was one of the greatest days of my life!  The things that I have contended and longed for in Haiti came to pass!

After a long night of setting the captives free through deliverance, our team awoke in the morning, gathered together and prayed.  A couple of the girls were having rough mornings so we layed hands on them and prophesied over them.  The Holy Spirit loves His people.  He is never tired of telling us our worth to Him.  It is one of His favorite things.  Now that we were out of the protective nest of the Christian academy we were staying at, we found ourselves vulnerable and lacking.  Just the place I wanted to be in.  Because I know my Father tends to show up on these occasions in awesome ways.  I live for this stuff.  Our team decides that we are in real need of translators.  So we ask for them.  We specifically prayed for two translators that live in Petit Goave (our current location).  I threw in very specific prayer requests that I wanted two Christian men as translators and one of them had to speak four languages.  God showed Himself faithful!  Before our group even departed from our briefing and prayer time, a clean-cut, sharp, young Haitian man approached us to warn us (in English) to lock up our tents and pack away our items because there were street kids roaming around the medical clinic and volunteers had been missing things.  Kynada and I looked at each other smirking, thinking the same thing.  We began to inquire about him.  What do you know, he was a Christian male from Petit Goave who spoke French, Creole, English, and Spanish and wanted to work with us! Ten minutes since I lifted this up to God, here talking to us, was the answer to our prayer!  It blew my mind how quickly God answered this!  Then, as we were still talking to our new translator named Marc-Elie, Krista and Alisia come running down the hill excitedly telling us how they just ran into a Haitian man from Petit Goave who was a Christian translator and overheard him talking about the return of Jesus.  He also wanted to work with us.  Prayers answered!

Later in the day a group of us wanted to go out and minister to local villagers with our driver, Aevel, and one of our new translators, Marc-Elie.  We prayed, loaded up and headed out.  Marc-Elie wanted us to see his home that was destroyed by the earthquake so we drove to it and exited the vehicle to look.  The home was violently shaken and had been crumbled like a cookie in a three years old’s hand.  His family’s home was now no longer livable and they all became homeless in an instant, now living in makeshift tents.  As we stood there in silence looking at the destruction, Marc-Elie introduced us to two of his sisters.  Both of them were older than him and that familiar face of oppression and hopelessness covered their frames.  He told us that we could start our ministering by telling his sisters about Jesus.  They were Catholics but were not born of the Spirit.  I started to tell them the good news of Jesus as a group rapidly started forming.  People started coming out of the wood work and flocking around us.  We shifted to a broader area in order to accommodate for all of the influx of people now listening to us.  I noticed an older Haitian man in a comatose state hunched over on rugged matt on the dirt as we entered the new area.  We will get to him later in the story.

What started out as a house visit turned into an evangelistic campaign with the entire village.  Word of mouth travels like lightning in Haiti.  We ended up preaching to lots of people about the kingdom of God and the King.  The invitation was given to the villagers to surrender their entire lives to Jesus.  Aevel, our driver, would step in once in a while to boldly proclaim the truths of the gospel to where nothing was lost in translation.  Our driver was amazing!  After our proclamation, twenty-one people raised their hands to accept the Savior!  I proceeded to try to talk them out of it and explain to them again, exactly what this meant because I wanted no ’emotional converts’ (ie false converts).  Still they wanted Jesus.  We led them through a repentance and trust prayer using our translators and then let them pray on their own.  After that we explained and asked who wanted to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and ten people wanted to accept this gift.  Everyone in our team began laying hands on people and asking for the Holy Spirit to come upon these new converts.  We then proceeded to pray for all of the sick and injured.  The Lord showed His power as the multitudes with digestive problems, headaches, shoulder injuries, lung/chest pains, etc began instantly to be healed!  We prayed, God touched them, miracles happened.   It was so simple.  Everyone we prayed for got healed on the spot.  As I was praying for people, a Haitian man to my left motioned for me to come over and pray for the older man in the comatose state that I noticed upon first entering the area.  He was still in the exact same position as when we entered.  He was obviously in a bad state.  Summer and I approached the dirty matt with the man on it.  We grabbed one of the interpreters to come over with us so we could inquire what caused this man to be in this state.  They told us that he had been stuck in that position for months not moving, mute, with swollen genitals, and had contracted malaria.  We began to proclaim the man’s healing over him and pressing into the Lord to release His power into the man’s body and bring him back to a normal state of life.  We prayed for probably ten minutes when stuff started happening.  Muscles in the man’s neck started to twitch and it excited me because I knew the Holy Spirit was doing something.  It fueled Summer and I to continue to press in and release healing into the man’s body.  I commanded the man’s tongue to start speaking.  As we are praying, all of a sudden, the man starts speaking!  The most beautiful first words a person could speak came out of the man’s mouth  “Jezi, Jezi, Jezi”  (Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in Creole)!  It shocked the people watching and really touched our heart.  Marc-Elie stepped back in amazement, blown away at the miracle God had just performed.  I knew the Lord wanted this man completely whole, so I kept asking the Lord to touch His whole body.  By the end of our session the man was carrying on whole conversation without pain or effort, was raising his hands in worship to God, and smiled as he swayed back and forth.  It was one of the most remarkable miracles I have ever seen!  As this man was healed before our eyes, my ears drew me to an amazing musical scene unfolding.  Behind me, in the center of the village area, a Haitian Christian man(already a Christian, not saved this day) started leading the new converts in worship songs.  It was such a beautiful moment.  The oppression and hopelessness that covered these people’s frames just moments earlier, was lifted.  They were crying, jumping, dancing, and smiling as they praised the Creator of the universe and the lover of their souls.

The team and I continued to pray for people, as I handed out French scripture booklets, that I specifically got for this Haiti trip.  The desperation and hunger for God’s word is so different than the majority of the American population.  Whenever I have handed out tracts or Scripture booklets in America, they are usually looked at in disdain or I later pick them up off the ground, thrown down like trash.  As I handed out the booklets, everyone that saw them swarmed like bees to me, reaching their hands out to get one.  I gave out every last one of them.

Suddenly, our driver Aevel, motioned for all of us to get into the van and exit.  I am not sure why this had to happen so quickly, but I trusted Aevel that he heard something or saw something that would have put us in potential danger.  The team started filing out quickly, still praying for people.  These ‘rapid fire’ prayers over people as we left were still healing people!  Five to ten seconds prayers were touching people and easing their pain.  It was unreal.

As we drove off, up the bumpy hill, to the next village to minister more, I rolled over in my mind all of the amazing events that had just happened.  Our team was so estatic and full of joy.  The entire time we were at the village I felt the sustained, tangible grace and joy of the Lord like I hadn’t felt in Haiti, up to that point.  I couldn’t help but smile at how amazing Jesus truly is.  How he set the captives free and released the oil of gladness all from relationship and encounter with Him.  I serve a great and holy God.  More than that, I serve a loving Father who loves to adopt new children into His big family.



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