Counting Down

Shots have been taken, visa applications have been sent, and both our jobs have given us the okay for the time off. Praise the Lord!

Sat., June 5th, our 1st flight leaves out of the Kansas City, MO airport. We won’t arrive in our destination city of Maputo, Mozambique until the following Monday at 7:35am, after having stopped in both Washington D.C. and Johannesburg, South Africa. So lots of time on long plane rides and in airport layovers.

What’s the Plan?

In Maputo, Mozambique, we will be staying at the Zimpeto Children’s Center for 2 weeks, ran by Iris Ministries. We’ll be staying in dorm room style accommodations, complete with metal bunk beds in rooms that sleep anywhere from 4-8 people/room. (Sounds romantic, doesn’t it!) There’s a possibility we may be split into separate rooms based on gender. (We’ll be crossing our fingers on that one.)

We plan on going on one of their over-night outreaches that the ministry offers every weekend along with a team of pastors that would involve staying in tents in nearby villages. The goal of these is to help plant and encourage new churches, evangelize and run medical clinics.

There are lots of activities around their base camp that we will be doing, including street ministry, church meetings, clinic & hospital ministry, helping at their Bible school, life-skills schooling, ministry to those who live in garbage dumps, and caring for the orphans there at the base. There are over 100 orphans housed on their property, split up by ages into dorms along with a house parent. There are 40 orphans alone in the Baby House aged 0-5 yrs.

NEW NEWS: On June 20th, we’ll be flying to Uganda’s capital city of Kampala to stay with one of my childhood friends. Laura, who currently lives there and works with a ministry called Watoto, which also helps with orphan care, discipleship schools and more. The Lord spoke to Adam about Uganda years ago, and it has been on our hearts a lot lately. We arere very excited about going! We’ll be staying there for 1 week and will be helping care for the orphans, as well as wherever else we can.

Please continue to pray for our trip, including safety, good health, ease of travel and that we would get everything out of this trip that the Lord intends for us.

We are not just going to try to change Africa, but for Africa to change us. We want the Lord’s heart for the poor, the orphan and the forgotten.

~ Jennifer


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