One Word: Ahhhhh!

So it’s official: we’re adopting! Ever since we got back from Africa, it’s like we both knew. Funny really, because we never even really thought about it much for our own family before we went. I guess God did something amazing in our hearts while we were there.  Just seeing Adam holding those kids, I felt like that could be our family. It didn’t look strange to me like I thought it would, Adam being white and the kids being black. They looked like they belonged together. Those little children didn’t care what color Adam was. They only wanted a daddy.

So I guess my heart was turned.

We finally decided on July 20th to begin taking the real, practical steps of adoption. And the fun began… Researching the many adoption agencies, figuring out which country we wanted to adopt from, how we would be able to afford it, … After much prayer and just plain thinking it out, we decided upon the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a Christian adoption agency called One World Adoptions.

So here we go! This craziness called adoption! Lord, give us grace!


One response to “One Word: Ahhhhh!

  1. It is awesome to see what faith in Christ is producing in your lives. We enjoy seeing you respond to the Spirit’s direction. It spurs us on in our faith! We can’t wait to meet your future son or daughter.

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