Today We Begin

Today is a very exciting day for me. After months of preparing a place in my heart for this adoption, I finally get to express it outwardly as we begin to paint our coming kids’ room. I’m so excited! I’ve been planning and trying to prepare for this adoption in little ways here and there, but this is really the first time that we’ve begun physically Preparing A Place for these children in our home. This includes, painting our jungle themed room green, installing a ceiling fan, adding a few jungle decals to the walls, and painting a dresser that I got a great deal on from Craigslist. Today is the first time that my eyes will be able to catch up with the vision that I’ve had in my mind.

Now let me back up a bit and explain the significance of this room to me. From the first day we moved into this house 2 years ago, this has always been my least favorite room. The walls are painted in bright royal blue, which isn’t bad in itself, except that the rest of the house is in browns and tans. So this room has always seemed to clash. Not only that, but holes are all over the walls in various places from wall-hangings from the previous owners (which we have tried to tactfully cover with various giant hangings), and part of the floor board and paint is randomly missing from one corner in the room. It has been an ugly room to me, and I’ve always wanted to change it.

Yet this has always been the room that I’ve been drawn to in my prayer times for my children. When I had my great encounter experience with the Lord nearly a year ago when He spoke to me about taking in orphans, it was to this room that He brought me, as I sobbed and laid my hands in prayer over each wall. So although it has been more like the step-child of rooms in my home in the physical, I have known that the Lord has a mighty purpose for it. My constant prayer has been for Him to show me what this room is supposed to look like. Just how many cribs is it supposed to hold?

So today, it’s make-over begins. Or perhaps I should say, its plan of redemption begins. Today, we begin to truly prepare a place!



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