It’s comin’ along

We’ve finally put the finishing touches on the baby room!

It’s not perfect, but for the most part, I’m very pleased. Much better than the ugly old blue room. I can’t wait to start filling this room with their 2 beds, little clothes, little shoes and toys.

I thought I’d share.






4 responses to “It’s comin’ along

  1. Looks AWESOME!

  2. What a wonderful room for you soon coming children! They will love it. Love the decor. Inviting, warm, creative. You have prepared the place where they will find shelter and love and where God will rewrite their destiny!

  3. They are going to love it!!! It’s just too perfect!!!

  4. Hi!
    I”m getting back to you about pictures that you commented about on the Congo Adoptions site. I”m not sure how to get a hold of you (your email doesn’t show up) if you could email me I can chat with you about it!
    aliciamariechristensen at yahoo dot com

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