Updated Timeline

We are still waiting for our child referrals for our little angels from our adoption agency. But this just in…

An estimated timeframe for once we accept our child referrals!
  1. Process Began/Paperwork Received by One World Adoptions
  2. Case in Court  (1-2 months)
  3. Judgment Received
  4. Certificate o f Non Appeal Rec’d (1-30 days after waiting period)
  5. Paperwork Prepared for submission (1 week)
  6. Paperwork Submitted to DFA (1 day)
  7. Paperwork Approved by DFA (approx 4 weeks)
  8. Embassy Appointment Requested /Set (3-5 days)
  9. Embassy Appointment (2-4 weeks)
  10. Visa Issued (3-5 days)
  11. Paperwork Submitted to DGM (1 day)

So now we have a MUCH better idea of what to expect. We seem to be looking at anywhere from 31/2 months to 91/2 months. Oh, Lord! Please let it be more around the 4 month mark!


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