Am I trusting God? I mean, actively choosing to trust God, on a daily basis. Anyone can say the words “I trust God”, but who are you when you are all alone? When you are left to yourself with your thoughts and your worries. Are you really trusting God?

Am I trusting that God is really watching over my children, in another country, far out of my own reach. Do I really trust that He is making sure they are fed, cared for, protected, watched over, held and loved?

Do I trust God when I am not there looking over His shoulder?

I have to. I have no other option. I can either choose to worry, which produces no fruit at all, or I can choose to trust my God whom I claim to love and follow. It is times like these, when I feel I have no control over my life circumstances, that I must choose to fall on the rock which I claim with my mouth when times are good and easy. Maybe fall isn’t the best word, more like cling! He is my strength. He is my hope. Without Him, I fall apart, I am lost. Let me be found leaning upon my Beloved in these times. It is now when He feels the closest. If I only choose to accept the invitation.

I trust you, Lord. That you are not only able to hold me, but my 2 children who only you can reach.

~ Jennifer


2 responses to “Clinging

  1. Just checking in to see how you are doing. We are soon to be on the waitlist ourselves! Praying all is well with you!


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