My beloved I will wait for

Our rings have sat, cautiously tucked away in a small box in my jewelry case, for nearly 4 years now. Adam and I used to treasure these rings upon our fingers when we first started dating, promising ourselves not only one to another, but that we would have a holy and pure relationship before God. If our love was true, it would wait.

Tonight, as Adam sat at our kitchen table, completely unaware of the idea that I had been holding in my heart since the weekend, I sat down across from him and innocently placed before him a small box wrapped with blue paper, topped with a silver bow. “What is this”, he asked with a smile, a bit surprised.  “Open it,” I said.

It took him a few seconds after opening it to realize just why I had re-wrapped these 2 rings that were once so special to us, but had been long forgotten with the overflow of life’s newer and more exciting treasures. But alas, he looked up at me with a smile. Tears had filled my eyes and were now softly running down my cheeks as my shaky voice managed to say, “These are now for us to wear for the children. Every time you look at it, you can remember to pray for them”.

It was true then and it’s still true now.  It’s form and meaning slightly altered, but the message still remains.

We will wait for our beloveds.

I never knew then that these rings would once again return to minister to me. To help give me courage. Strength and hope in the waiting.

We both proudly placed them back on our hands after finding another finger that it also fit. We are proud parents. We hold our children in faith.

Jesus, bring our babies home to us.


One response to “My beloved I will wait for

  1. Makes me cry. Very touching. I will think on this today and wait with you two!

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