Jesus’ Longing Embraced in Mine

The long-awaited second referral has been accepted.  Though exhausted by this leg in the race, we continue to put one step in front of the other and stride towards the finish line.  The next lap in the marathon has begun.

We now have pictures of both of our children.  Though only a snapshot, a capturing of a second in their lives, we love them without even knowing them.  It is amazing how two children in the middle of Africa have two hearts in the middle of America lovesick.  I find myself sometimes trying to even forget about this whole heart-wrenching, roller coaster-ride adoption process and put my hand to grindstone of the day-to-day-mundane in order to fill my mind and dull my heart from the sharpness of the longing I have for my children.  I desire to be with them and see every page of their life’s story turn as I gaze into the beauty of God’s creation and artwork.

In this chamber of my heart, my Jesus has dwelt.  His dwelling is not only in His faithfulness to be good on His word He has given to us but in His own experience in His heart as He graced the planet long ago in the regions of Galilee.  Jesus, the bridegroom, came from the height of the heavens where the legions of angels did not cease honoring and lauding Him with praise in order to walk the dusty streets of Israel in pursuit of a bride (Eph. 5:31-32).  His attraction was so great towards this bride that He chose to experience her life in this age.  The joys, victories, misunderstandings, heartaches and losses that is our common experience, also became part of His experience .  What must it have been like for the sovereign God of the billions of galaxies of the universe to be crafting furniture for the commoners of Galilee?  What filled His thoughts as He daily looked into the eyes of the men and woman of Galilee whom He came to save, walking in futility and disillusionment while His precious, atoning, redeeming blood coursed through His veins but having not yet been shed?

“Like a lily among thorns, so is My love among the daughters,” (SOS 2:2)

Those whom He had come to set free and save He had to wait for (John 3:17).  He could not reveal Himself until the ordained time.  The Father had a plan and He would walk in full submission and obedience to this plan.  The years of Jesus before His public ministry were mostly spent in the day-to-day mundane of carpentry work and village life, providing for His family as He longed and waited for the day in which the Father would glorify Him and give Him his inheritance (John 17:1, Eph. 1:18).

So as I round the last curve looking for the home stretch, I mourn and ache over my distant children and I connect with the heart of God.  A God so close and relational that He and I can converse and share history in the stories of our lives of the longing for our inheritance.  I must embrace what He embraced.


2 responses to “Jesus’ Longing Embraced in Mine

  1. yeah! so happy for you! We were just placed on the waiting list ourselves! Can’t wait to know more!

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