Up, up and away!

I wish I was talking about a plane that would soon be carrying us to the DRC to finally pick up our babies, but unfortunately, I’m referring to our total bill for this whole thing. It just keeps climbing!

So much has changed since we first began our adoption process last July. First off, we were told the entire process would take 6-12 months. But due to the popularity of the DRC program, many more families have discovered the program & are now flooding the adoption agencies as well as the Congolese court system. I believe this has slowed down the process a lot. It’s a FANTASTIC problem to have considering the need is so great in the Congo, but not so great for Adam and I as we wait for our children.

Another significant change has been the total cost involved. I believe it may have started at a number around $23,000. It has now climbed to approximately $37,000. This is due to a number of factors.

1) The process has taken a lot longer than we expected, so that’s a lot more we have to pay in monthly child care fees.

2) The cost of child-care went up in July.

3) The cheap guest house we were going to stay at is under construction until the fall, so we’ll now have to stay at a hotel which is $180/night for at least 10 days or so!

Perhaps it was God’s mercy that we didn’t know about all of this when we first began. Maybe it would have kept us from doing it at all. But isn’t that how most experiences that grow us work? Take marriage for instance. We’re lured in by a handsome hunk (in my case) with wonderful and amazing qualities. How quickly after we say “I do” do we finally realize it was simply a trap that God uses to purify & perfect us in love.

We never like the oven. We think it’s always too hot. Yet in time, it bears much fruit. This adoption is just that. Stretching us, forcing us to trust God, pulling us closer to one another, learning to let go & let God lead and carry us.

He is the potter. I am the clay. Let the baking continue!


6 responses to “Up, up and away!

  1. Thinking of you friend… love you!

  2. Chase and Suzanne

    We love you guys. He is good, all the time and He will provide.

  3. Amazing thoughts- we are praying for your sweet boys over here and understand well the oven. Can’t wait to hear the testimony that comes out of this one! Blessings-

  4. The potter and me! Yes, that is the picture and He is such a good one. He is the master potter and He does all things well, just look at my life! Yes, let the molding continue and the baking proceed…….


  5. Don’t worry about the difference in price- God will provide! He has for us, and he will for you too! Who knows, perhaps the guest house will be available when you travel!

  6. are ya’ll with One World Adoption services??
    we are and I wasn’t aware (perhaps I missed some fine print) that the child care fees were going up. my email is jleinen@gmail.com. what are they going up to? thanks.
    I am enjoying blog. I can’t wait to see your gorgeous babies!

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